Sales soared 25-30% in recent times

Air conditioning (AC) systems and fan sales have increased to almost 30% this heatwave.

Talking to the electronic appliance sellers, they said that new inverter ACs have become quite popular in the middle-class market.

Rajat Shil, store manager of SS Electronics, a store that sells consumer appliances, said that AC and fan sales soared 25-30% in recent times.

“We have also had orders booked from overseas for their family members living in the capital,” he also said.

“Other appliances such as televisions and refrigerators are also seeing brisk sales, but due to the heat wave, demand for voice-controlled AC, especially that brought by Walton, is in high demand,” Shil added.

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A showroom supervisor of Shahid Electronics at Nawabpur in Old Dhaka, said that air coolers and pedestal fans were also in high demand.

“Inverter AC is the most effective way to maintain the temperature in the room. And that is why inverter AC is best for people who have problems with even the slightest change in temperature,” he added.

Compared to previous year’s sales, this year’s sale is quite as high as last year, said Jahangir Alam, a retail trader who operates Lalbagh Electronics.

New features are being added to recent models of ACs, which saves electricity as well as purifies the indoor air from harmful bacteria and dust. So even amid the Covid-19 pandemic, AC sales are increasing, he explained.

Regarding his store sales, Jahangir stated that last year’s sales was disappointing, thanks to what he considered misinformation about how Covid-19 spread easily through ACs.

Montu Mia, a consumer from Lalbagh, said that he lived on the fifth floor of a building in the same area, just below the roof. The intense heat was becoming unbearable, which is why he purchased a pedestal fan for Tk3,500.

Another buyer, Shariful Islam, said: “We want to buy an AC. The temperature is increasing, so buying an AC is becoming a must.”

Regarding the price ranges sellers noted table and ceiling fans can be bought from Tk600 to Tk4,000, with prices differing as per varying brands.

Air coolers will cost between Tk4,000-15,000. Portable ACs are available from Tk25,000-50,000.

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Air coolers and portable ACs of various brands including Vision, Walton, Gree, Carrier, Xiaomi, Panasonic, and Sharp, are available in the market.

Bangladesh Electronics Merchants Association member Wahid Zaman told Dhaka Tribune on Saturday that urbanization, climate change, and the purchasing capacity of the middle class are key reasons behind surge in AC and fan sales.

“ACs have become essential from luxury commodities which accelerated market growth. I would recommend customers to buy electronics appliances from trusted brands products with a warranty service,” he added.

Walton AC (CEO) Tanvir Rahman said Walton has released ACs with dual defender, ionizer, UV (ultra violet) care technology to protect homes amid the pandemic.

These new model ACs have received a huge response from the customers. In addition, up to 200% cashback, free home delivery and installation facilities are being offered to buyers with AC purchases. Due to these reasons, the sales of Walton AC have increased unexpectedly this year, he also said.

Meanwhile, AC sales during the period from January to April this year have grown by about 450 % over the same period last year, the Walton AC CEO added.

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