Syed Shahriar Ahsan, managing director of Sadharan Bima Corporation, said, “The government has introduced agricultural insurance for farmers through us. At present Mithamin Haor in Rajshahi, Sirajganj, Noakhali and Kishoreganj has been launched on an experimental basis.”
He said it was not just the job of Sadharan Bima Corporation, but that the coordination of the agriculture department, meteorological department, finance department and the ministry of social welfare was also essential. Farmers do not know or are not aware of the benefits of insurance. It will not be possible for us alone to raise this awareness. The support of other departments of the government is also needed. It will take require government to start this. If the government provides agricultural insurance from the relief given every year, the farmers will benefit.”

The insurance will gain popularity among the farmers if the government provides assistance for a few years. Only then will the farmers be interested in this type of insurance. He added that agricultural insurance has been introduced in many countries of the world including India. There the government or the donor organisations pay the insurance premium of the farmer. It will be effective in Bangladesh if it is introduced in this way.

Climate expert Atiq Rahman said, farmers are no longer able to become self-sufficient if they are affected by climate change. They are forced to leave the agricultural profession and move to another profession. In this case, if agricultural insurance is introduced, as well as compensation, they will not be diverted by climate-related disasters. Once the disaster is over, they will turn to agricultural cultivation again. This will play a role in the country’s agriculture and economy in the long run.

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