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As a result of the tireless efforts of experts in South Korea, the Act on Occupational Accident and Disease Insurance and Prevention of Farmers and Fishermen was finally passed in 2016, intervention programs, guidelines and intervention programs to prevent agricultural work-related injuries. The need to develop regulations has increased.

The purpose of MPH Hyocher Kim’s treatise was to investigate the size of the profession. Injury We propose the direction of development Occupational safety Health checklists and regulations in Korean agriculture.

The main hypothesis of the paper was that the incidence of occupational accidents in agriculture was higher than in most other industries. The second hypothesis was that, based on the analysis of each type of injury by the safety system, it could suggest the regulatory direction needed to prevent occupational accidents in farmers.

The Republic of Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Data (n = 11837) was analyzed to examine the difference in the scale of injury by occupation. The injuries rate of skilled agriculture, forestry and fisheries workers (7.7% per year) was the second highest after crafts, equipment, machine operations and assembly workers.

The second part of the PhD. The study used data from the Korean Farmers’ Occupational Diseases and Injuries Survey (n = 16160) to identify the magnitude of farmer-related injuries. In 2012, 3.6% of farmers experienced non-fatal injuries associated with farm work requiring outpatient or inpatient treatment.

In the third sub-study, we investigated the root causes of 68 injuries and identified safety system errors. Deriving the root cause of occupational accidents and classifying them as safety system errors revealed that agricultural work-related injuries were a combination of various system errors.

The final sub-study suggested directions for improving checklists and regulations by reviewing various checklist items using safety systems. Studies show Safety system Errors identified in the field should be reviewed for each type of injury, and based on that analysis, items should be created to suggest improvements to the system. The most desirable type of checklist or regulation consists of the maximum number of items that can be categorized by type of injury from a safety system perspective. Injury types must include complex and multiple solutions to prevent farming-related injuries more efficiently.

Master of Public Health Hyocher Kim PhD, Occupational Accidents and safety The preventive system in South Korea’s agriculture will be investigated online at the University of Eastern Finland’s Faculty of Health Sciences at noon on June 10. The opponents of the open exam will be Professor Peter Lundkvist of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and Kast will be Professor Emeritus Kimo Rasanen of the University of Eastern Finland. Public exams are conducted in English.

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Safety system for occupational accidents and prevention in Korean agriculture. ISBN: 978-952-61-3797-1

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