Al Ain Farms, first UAE farm to pledge commitment to animal welfare


ABU DHABI, 6th October, 2020 (WAM) — Al Ain Farms, UAE’s first and largest locally integrated dairy brand, has announced its Animal Welfare Pledge, making a clear commitment to protect and ensure the wellbeing of each of its 15,000 cows.

“The promise is part of Al Ain Farms’ dedication to continue to provide the best environment and living standards for their cows through constantly improving policies and processes across their spacious farms built in Al Ain desert,” the company said in a statement.

As part of its ongoing strategy to support UAE’s National Food Security Programme and National Food Security Strategy 2051, Al Ain Farms has introduced the five pillars under the #AlAinFarmsWelfarePledge: cows will be provided a living environment of the highest standards and companionship; every cow is ensured a diet of premium quality feed meeting its individual specific requirements; and Al Ain Farms commits to protecting each cow from pain, suffering, injury and disease. Also, very day access to outdoor fields and spaces is every animal’s right; and each cow will be treated with care and compassion by Al Ain Farms’ staff and employees.

To meet rigorous welfare standards, Al Ain Farms is equipped with specialised houses, milking parlors, young stock sheds, open-air hay stores and commodity barns which are spread over an open-air farm in the middle of the Al Ain desert. These state-of-the-art facilities and focus on harnessing technological innovation are key in navigating challenging local climate while providing the best living conditions for the cows.

Keeping the cows stress-free is one of the main goals of Al Ain Farms, the company further stated. One of the most effective ways this is achieved in challenging climates is with the use of specialised cooling systems installed across the farms. These include cooling and air fans with high pressure injected into the airflow. The Al Ain Farms cows also receive regular showers and pedicures to maintain their health and comfort, the company claimed.

“These standards are further ensured by the presence of dedicated veterinary teams on-site to provide the 24 hours care for all the animals at the farms,” it added.

Announcing the Al Ain Farms Welfare Pledge, CEO of Al Ain Farms Willem van Walt Meijer said, “Creating and sustaining growth in the dairy industry goes hand in hand with the constant elevation of high-quality standards. Our livestock is at the heart of our business, therefore, by announcing the Al Ain Farms Welfare Pledge we aim to ensure our healthy and happy cows produce the healthiest and tastiest milk for our customers. ‘Made with love locally’ is not only our brand motto but more importantly, it a commitment we enforce in our corporate strategy.”


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