Imported fruits are available everywhere now in Bangladesh. Every day on an average, around 1.68 million kilograms of exotic fruit is consumed in the nation, while import data  says the retail transactions are estimated at around Tk 270 million (€270,000). Imported fruit sales dominate the market during September-January, as the supply of local fruits drops off in that period.

Emeritus professor MA Sattar Mandal, teacher of agriculture economy at Bangladesh Agricultural University, thinks that there is positive change in people’s purchasing power and food habits. He praised the fruit importers, horticulture researchers and local farmers of exotic fruits for turning the fruit market vibrant.

Apples are imported the most, followed by malta (a variety of orange), oranges, pomegranate, grapes, pears and lime. In the last fiscal, 616,000 tonnes of fruit were imported. Among these, 77 per cent were apples and malta. reports that, among the imported fruits, 94 per cent came from China, India, South Africa, Egypt, Bhutan and Brazil. The rest were imported from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan and some other countries.

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