A few years back, 75 varieties of mangoes were displayed at the National Fruit Exhibition in Dhaka. Among the varieties present were Khirbhog, Mohanbhog, Rajbhog, Ranibhog, Ranipachanda, Sindura, Subarnarekha, Jagatmohini, and many more.

But new varieties and new names are constantly being added to the mango kingdom. Researchers have added Bari-4, Bari-11 and other mango varieties. More than that, different varieties of mangoes brought from abroad have been added. In particular, the local nurseries have introduced different varieties of mangoes from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Japan, Malaysia, etc. One such mango is Miyazaki from Japan.

Miyazaki is grown in Japan’s Miyazaki region in the south. The Japanese name for this mango is ‘Taiyo No Tamago’, which means ‘Egg of the Sun’. It’s very sweet and the world’s most expensive mango. Now, overcoming all uncertainties around the feasabililty of growing this mango in Bangladesh, Omar Faruque Bhuiyan, an entrepreneur from Dhaka’s Zafrabad area, has miraculously grown the most expensive mango at his rooftop garden.

Back in 2010, through one of his friends, he brought the Miyazaki scion and later on did the grafting to finally get the production on his rooftop. Faruque plans for an extension of this variety if he’s supported by the government in leasing lands at the hill tracts region.

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