Dhaka — Due to Covid-19 imposed lockdown in Bangladesh most of consumers flocking towards super shop’s online as movement restricted to contain the virus. A one-week strict lockdown announced by the government has started from Thursday (July 1) to thwart coronavirus infection.

According to the government’s instructions centered on the lockdown, however, consumers are able to make online purchases in the lockdown to avoid the risk of corona infection.

On Friday (July 2), Basabo, Banasree, Khilgaon, Malibagh, Sapna, Agora and Meena Bazar super shops in the Dhaka were observed to sense the situation.

It was learned that the number of shoppers in the supershops has decreased since the announcement of the strict lockdown. However, in this situation, the buyers are taking home delivery of the product by ordering by telephone or online.

Banasree area supershop daily shopping manager Al-Mamun said, ‘Due to the lockdown, there less crowd at the super shop than other days. However, there is a lot of interest in buying products online.”

Mir Sajjadur Rahman, a resident of the South Banasree area, said, “In the Corona situation, there is no reason to go to the market crowd and increase the risk. So many people are going to the super shop. ‘

Meanwhile, Mohammad Mostafa, assistant outlet manager of Agora Super Shop fromMoghbazar, said, ‘The number of shoppers has declined slightly since the announcement of the lockdown. However, before the announcement of the lockdown, the buyers have completed the necessary purchases. At present, buyers are ordering products online even though they are not in physical outlets.”

Omar Farooq, a shopper at Agora Super Shop, said, “Shoppers don’t care about social distance in fish, meat, raw, and grocery stores. They are busy buying and selling in crowds. The super shop can be done much more comfortably than that. And super shops have online shopping facilities. Except for physical shopping, all other purchases are made online by the conscious class of buyers. ‘

Dream Super Shop Customer Relations Officer Shubho said, ‘the number of new customers has not increased much. However, we are providing online services.

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