Bangladesh: Mobilizing resources critical to end poverty

The ongoing pandemic may slow down the rate of poverty reduction

The permanent representative of Bangladesh to the United Nations, Ambassador Rabab Fatima, has said that eradicating poverty in all its forms everywhere is an overarching goal for Agenda 2030.

“For creating a poverty-free world, mobilizing adequate resources and financing is critical,” she said, while addressing the Second Committee of the General Assembly on eradication of poverty in New York on Tuesday.

Highlighting the success of the Bangladesh government in eradicating poverty, Fatima mentioned that Bangladesh has launched a national Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) which helped identify people vulnerable to Covid-19 pandemic and shocks.

Cautioning that the ongoing pandemic may slow down the rate of poverty reduction, she made some specific recommendations.

Fatima called upon development partners for taking initiatives for the revival of sources of remittance, export earning, ODA and private financing for Bangladesh for building back better after the pandemic.

Referring to the possible challenges that Bangladesh might face after graduating from the LDC status, she requested for the maintenance of the existing special and differential treatment and exemptions for an extended period.

“We must foster productive capacity building and financial inclusion of the developing countries for the abolition of the digital divide,” she added.

In view of the dual challenge of the current pandemic and the climate vulnerabilities faced by Bangladesh, she urged the development partners for additional financial and technological support to supplement Bangladesh’s national efforts.

Referring to the challenges the migrant workers are facing due to the pandemic, she also stressed the need for addressing the issues of falling remittance and return of migrant workers.

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