Banana growers from Tangail are making nice profits with the prices of their fruit going up this year, combined with a bumper yield of the popular fruit. More than a thousand farmers cultivate banana on a commercial basis in this district.

They say they are delighted by the better prices of the fruit crop this year in that they managed to make only average profits in the last few years. Different varieties of banana such as Sagor, Shabri, Chanpa, Amrito Shagor and Madni are grown in the district, mainly in highland areas – Modhupur, Bashail and Shakhipur. Of those varieties, Shagor, Shabri and Madni are witnessing the best demand.

Officials at the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Tangail say farmers have brought 5,388 hectares of land under banana cultivation this year. From this, a total of 156,548 tonnes of bananas could be produced this year.


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