In our country, Bangladesh Association International Recruiting Agency (BAIRA) alone sends migrants abroad.

This private agency does not send migrants professionally. There are some middlemen in the destination countries and some here in Bangladesh. Although they are sending migrants since 1984, they have not developed professionalism. They never carried out any research.

On the contrary, in Philippines, there are six private agencies. Of them, one agency sends skilled migrants, one sends female migrants and another professionals. Over time, these agencies developed professionalism.

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration strictly deal overseas employment.

In Philippines, an aspirant migrant verifies the contract form, visa and power of attorney before migration.

But in our country, an aspirant migrant hardly receives the contract form, visa and the power of attorney. They receive these documents just before flying and they have little chance for verification.

In Philippines, there is a rare instance of cheating. If migrants are ever cheated, their complaints are examined closely and the follow-up action was taken.

There are 30 counters to receive complaints. They remain very up and doing. Soon after receiving complaints, these counters refer the matter to the departments concerned to deal with the complaints, and action is taken accordingly.Philippines issues licences quickly and cancels immediately if they find anomalies.

In our country, a migrant has struggle to lodge a complaint, let alone to get remedy. We have to compel recruiting agencies to hand over contract forms, visas and power of attorney. A mechanism has to be created so that the recruiting agencies are compelled to give these.

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