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As we approach this year’s World Environment Day, climate change remains a severe threat to society where the actions of some tend to have an adverse effect on the lives of many. It is a mammoth task for governments all around the world to ensure compliance in matters relating to reducing the carbon footprint of industries and this is where responsible organisations can play a crucial role.

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BAT Group has been named as a ‘2021 Climate Leader’ by the Financial Times in an inaugural European ranking which recognises the top 300 among more than 4,000 companies across Europe that achieved the highest reduction in core greenhouse gas emissions in relation to revenues for the period between 2014 and 2019.

As a multinational organisation, BAT Group understands the importance of delivering with high standards of integrity while upholding societal responsibilities. Responsibility is important to the 110-year old multinational’s strategy and they strive to be a responsible company wherever they operate. The prioritisation is apparent in the company’s ambition to include the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) framework at the front and centre of its operations.

Minimising its impact on the environment, increasing climate change resilience and protecting the natural resources on which society depends, are key components of BAT Group’s ESG strategy, and this will be achieved by improving the energy efficiency of factories, such as by upgrading to more efficient and lower-impact equipment, increasing the use of renewable energy through renewable energy purchases and on-site energy generation projects, and by optimising logistics and fleet, such as through improving vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

BAT Group has set ambitious climate targets including being carbon neutral in its own operations by 2030. In 2020 alone, BAT Group achieved a 30.9% reduction in emissions from its operations, contributing to a 37.4% reduction compared to a 2017 baseline. In March of this year, BAT Group announced a further ambition to be carbon neutral across its value chain by 2050, representing around 90% of its total carbon footprint.  

Adding to the Global recognition, BAT Bangladesh has also been working relentlessly to support the Government of Bangladesh to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). BAT Bangladesh has ensured responsible industrialisation with numerous initiatives such as to have sustainable Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), state-of-the-art waste-water treatment to ensure zero wastage and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), and inventive measures to curb air pollution.

In the agricultural sector, green manuring, the use of alternative fuel, and safe disposal of crop fertiliser packets has positioned BAT Bangladesh as a pioneer of responsible agricultural initiatives. Moreover, the importance and impact of biodiversity is highly acknowledged by BAT Bangladesh and to maintain the balance of the ecosystem 94 biodiversity corners have been set up across the country.

BAT Bangladesh prides itself in partnering with the government and other institutions to achieve the all-important SDGs. BAT Bangladesh has initiated the longest-running private sector-driven afforestation programme which has distributed over 110 million saplings in the last 40 years, another of its initiative deployed 110 water filtration plant which provides 560,000 litres of safe drinking water to over 270,000 people in communities affected by arsenic and salinity . Through a third initiative, BAT Bangladesh has installed 2,591 home solar systems in remote villages across Chattogram Hill Tracts to provide renewable electricity to over 15,000 people. The initiative is now exploring cleaner sources of energy in sustainable agriculture.

Today, with a proud heritage and benchmark business practices, BAT Group pledges to continue being pioneers of a transformational journey with a clear purpose of building A Better Tomorrow for all.

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