In this scorching summer, a glass of cold fruit juice or lassi gives new life and keeps the body well. Juicer is needed to make juice or lassi at home. However, a blender also works. The use of a blender/juicer machine in the kitchen has made our cooking easier. It has reduced hard work and increased security. Besides, it is also saving our time. Today’s post will discuss all the issues, including the use of your blender/ juicer machine, costs for a brand, a non-brand, etc.

The things to keep in mind before buying a blender

Motor Capacity

The most important thing when buying a blender is the quality of the motor. If the quality of the motor is bad, the machine may overheat and break down, or an accident may occur. If you buy the machine to use regularly, it is better to buy a motor with 500 watts. And if you buy it for inconsequential purposes for occasional use, then it must be over 300.


Another important component of a machine is its blade. Blender blends mainly with this blade. So, you must keep this in mind when buying a machine. First, check if the blade of your machine is made of stainless steel. Because when you go to blend, most things have to be blended with liquid. As a result, if the blade is made with a normal metal, it is likely to rust and damage the blade. But stainless steel does not rust. So, you have to buy a blender with this in mind.

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The third thing to keep in mind when buying a Blender is how many options you require. Nevertheless, the options are different in each blender. If you want all the blending mixing options, then the price will be higher. You select the number of options according to your needs.

Safety of the machine

When you buy your blender, check if there is an automatic option to turn off the machine from being damaged when there is extra pressure on your machine. The auto-turn-off feature protects your machine from being damaged.


You will also require to check the warranty of your blender. And when buying, keep in mind whether your location has a servicing center. If the servicing center is not near to you, it will take a lot of trouble to fix it.

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Some of the Best Blenders and Juicers in Bangladesh

Most of Bangladesh’s electrical and electronics products are imported from China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, or Hong Kong. However, several companies in our country are already starting to make and market blender machines. Below are the top blenders in the Bangladesh market.

Walton WBL-13CC25 Blender and Juicer

Walton has gained a good reputation in the Bangladeshi market with the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ tag. If you are thinking of buying a good-quality blender on a low budget in Bangladesh, you can choose the Walton WBL-13CC25 blender. The medium size Walton Blender is also very nice to look at with a low-noise operation. Other features include non-slip feet, an effective cooling system, overheat protection, and more. However, its carrying capacity is 1.3 liters. The Walton WBL-13CC25 blender is priced at Tk. 1,650 in the Bangladesh market.

Hamilton Beach 51101B Personal Blender with Travel Lid

This narrow blender won’t take up much space on your counter, but with a 175-watt motor, there is still plenty of power. Being budget-friendly, this blender only comes with one blade and one bar and has a single speed. But that’s still enough to deal with most of the work. It will cost you Tk. 2,520.

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Magic Bullet Blender – 21 Pc Set

For your daily use, from grinding to making smoothies, you don’t need an expensive heavy-duty blender. Instead, a blender with many pieces is enough. Magic Bullet Blender – 21 Pc set is a personal blender that can do everything you need to do on a daily basis. This blender is designed to be easy to use, with no pressing a button or remembering settings. Just insert the cup on the base and press it down on the mixture. Magic Bullet Blender – 21 Pc Set is priced at Tk. 2,700 to Tk. 3,200. 

Sharp Blender EM-100PM-ST

Sharp-EM-100PM-ST-Blender is one of the most popular blenders in the market of Bangladesh. It has two speeds and plus settings, a grinder, and a stainless-steel blade. Further, it has 3 transparent jars and a 500-watt motor. This blender can be a simple solution for the daily work of the house. It will cost you Tk. 3,600.

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Panasonic Blender MX-EX1021

Panasonic Blender MX-EX1021 may be one of the best choices in the market of Bangladesh. Nice to see this Panasonic Blender is able to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. It has a 400-watt motor and two mills so you can blend all the fruits and spices very easily. The Jug capacity is a maximum of 1.35 L, and it has one dial operation feature. The price of Panasonic Blender MX-EX1021 is around Tk. 3,700.

Vision Blender VIS-SBL-005

Vision Electronics is well known in Bangladesh, which is a sub-brand of RFL. In addition to the TV fridge, they also have a blender. Vision Blender VIS-SBL-005 has a sharp stainless-steel blade with four heads. The good thing is that you get three jars at once. The carrying capacity is 1.5 liters, 1.1 liters, and 0.6 liters, respectively. The price of this blender in the Bangladeshi market is Tk. 3,950.

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Philips Blender HR2114 03

Philips has a worldwide reputation for its electronics products. Philips Blender HR2114 03 is a running product of the brand, which is available in the Bangladesh market for Tk. 4,600 to Tk. 5000. The blender has a powerful motor of 450 watts. The maximum capacity is 1.2 liters. Its 4-star stainless steel blade is able to give you an excellent blending experience. You can open and clean almost every part. Besides, there is a 2-year guarantee.

Oster Pro 1200 Blender 2-in-1

This is a powerful blender but requires a limited counter space. It includes a 5-cup food processor attachment with a rocker disk and crisp blade, a 24-ounce-to-go cup with a drink or a small volume mix, a 6-co-well, glass blender jar, and more. With all these tremendous features, Oster Pro 1200 will cost you approximately Tk. 6,600.

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