Buffalo roundup offers ring-side seat, outdoor adventure


COBDEN (WSIL) — Dozens of families ventured outside Saturday afternoon to catch a show in Cobden that only comes around twice a year.

Bison Bluff Farm held its Fall Buffalo Day where they open their doors to the public and provide a ring-side viewing of the buffalo round-up.

The herd receives shots and deworming as they are weighed and tagged, letting spectators get a good look at an animal not often seen in southern Illinois outside this Cobden farm.

Owner Clifton Howell says many faces in the crowd are familiar but he and his family get a kick out of children who never been to the event before.

“They get to see the adult animal along with the babies, and interaction between all animals and the people, and we enjoy it because of all the kids and people that haven’t seen them before,” Howell explains. “We have a deal with the buffalo, I feed them, they feed me; my end’s a little better.”

Bison Bluff Farms has 20 years of roundups behind them.

Normally they have a lunch for visitors, with bison on the menu, but with COVID-19 they were unable to offer it this year. The owner says they hope to have the lunch back next Spring, when they round them up again.

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