Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal presided over the cabinet body’s virtual meeting

The Cabinet Committee on Public Purchase on Wednesday approved the import of 250,000 tons of rice from India and international suppliers.

Of this, some 100,000 tons will be imported from India through international quotation (tender) while the remaining 150,000 tons will be imported under government-to-government (G2G) agreement. 

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal presided over the cabinet body’s virtual meeting. 

As per the proposal, placed by the Food Ministry, the Food Department will procure 50,000 tons of non-Bashmoti parboiled rice through international quotation at a cost of Tk171.97 crore from ETC Agro Processing (India) Pvt Ltd. Another 50,000 tons of Atap rice will be imported from International Pte Ltd,Singapore through a similar process at a cost of Tk173.11 crore.

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Each ton of parboiled rice will cost $405.60 while each kilogram will cost Tk34.39. Each ton of Atap will cost $408.28 while each kg will cost Tk34.62.

The Food Department will import 100,000 tons of non-Bashmoti parboiled rice and 50,000 tons of Atap from National Agriculture Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd under the G2G agreement.

This bulk import will cost Tk521.94 crore while each ton of parboiled rice will cost $407 and each ton of Atap will cost $417.

The cabinet body also approved import of 25,000 tons of bulk granular urea fertiliser from Qater’s Muntajat at Tk55.69 crore and another 25,000 tons from UAE under state-level agreement at Tk56.75 crore. Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC) will make the import.

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The Energy and Mineral Resources Division’s proposal to import 1.285 million tons of refined petroleum oil from different countries during the January-June period at an approximate cost of Tk4,384 crore received the nod of the committee.

The cabinet body approved proposals of Chittagong Port Authority under the Shipping Ministry for procurement of for key gantry-cranes from Chinese Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company Ltd, at a cost of Tk243.57 crore, six rubber tired gantry-cranes at Tk70.83 crore from the same Chinese company and other five rubber gantry-cranes from Trans Gulf Port Cranes LLC, UAE at Tk59.34 crore.

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