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In the midst of ongoing tension in Ladakh, China has begun large-scale movements to surround India. On one side, Nepal is showing eye to eye by China, on the other hand, Pakistan is constantly doing ceasefire violations in the areas adjacent to the LoC. In the midst of all this, China is now trying to deal with Bangladesh.

45 years of diplomatic relations in both countries
Sunday marked 45 years of bilateral diplomatic relations between China and Bangladesh. Speaking on the occasion, Chinese President Xi Jinping said he stands with Bangladeshi leaders to better harmonize Bangladesh and China’s strategies and jointly promote the billion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This will also take the strategic partnership between the two countries to new heights.
China in an effort to increase strategic partnership
Giving a congratulatory message to Bangladeshi President Mohammed Abdul Hamid, Jinping praised the continued and long-lasting friendship between the countries. He said he is willing to work closely with Hamid to better coordinate development strategies with Bangladesh, cooperate under the BRI blueprint and take the China-Bangladesh strategic partnership to a new level.

First provoked Nepal against India, now China is trying to force Bangladesh

China has invested $ 26 billion in Bangladesh

Significantly, China has invested $ 26 billion in Bangladesh, while has committed to invest $ 38 billion. With this, Bangladesh has joined the countries where China has invested the most in infrastructure. Bangladesh imports around $ 15 billion from China. While the price of goods exported from Bangladesh to China is much lower than that of imports.

After Nepal, Bangladesh, now Sri Lanka… China surrounded India with donation diplomacy

Chinese PM congratulates Sheikh Hasina
At the same time, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang also sent a congratulatory message to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He said in his message that China is keen to strengthen practical cooperation with Bangladesh in various fields. Hasina said that Bangladesh and China have developed a friendly friendship over time, into a strategic partnership.

After Nepal, China is ready for Bangladesh, preparations to surround India

China made 97 percent of Bangladesh’s products tax free
China, which is playing economic diplomacy with India’s neighbors, announced the withdrawal of tax on 97 percent of Bangladesh’s products. This huge announcement by China was described by the diplomats of Gadgad Bangladesh as a milestone in the relations of Beijing and Dhaka. Bangladesh’s foreign ministry had said that 97 percent of commodities, including fisheries and leather products, have been exempted from Chinese tariffs.


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