COVID-19 situation in Bangladesh is under control: Maleque

He said, “We want to prevent childhood blindness by administering vitamin-A plus capsule. Blindness problem has been reduced significantly in the country through launching vitamin A plus campaign.”

At present, less than one per cent children in the country suffer from night
blindness for vitamin A deficiency while percentage of night blindness was
4.1 during initial stage of the campaign, Maleque added.

Other speakers said the government is launching vitamin A plus capsule two times a year as it deposits up to six months in children’s body.

Alongside having vitamin A plus capsule, guardians should feed their children natural foods including vegetable and fish to avoid vitamin A deficiency, they added.

The health ministry sources said two trained volunteers would work at each centre. Among the total children, around 2.7 million babies aged between six to 11 months will be fed one blue colour Vitamin-A capsule each, while around 19.3 million babies aged between 12 to 59 months would be fed red color capsules.

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