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Tim Hammerich

With California Ag Today, I’m Tim Hammerich. Modern medicine has helped to ensure dairy cows stay healthier than ever. However, this requires significant labor to make sure each individual cow gets the right treatment at the right time. San Jacinto-based Pharm Robotics thinks that new technology can automate regular injections to dairy and beef cattle. Here’s Co-Founder and CFO Alika Chuck.

Chuck… “We’re essentially alleviating a lot of labor pressures and labor costs and really ensuring that we can perform these medical practices on animals with a hundred percent compliance. My partner thought of this idea because he’s a dairy farmer himself. Basically. We’ve been working on it for about three years now, and it’s been a blast.”

Chuck says just the regular treatments on a dairy farm can add up to 10s of thousands of injections per year. And automating these procedures doesn’t require much systematic changes.

Chuck… “And so we’re not really changing a whole lot. We’re only taking a portion of the exit lane out to then put our system in. So we’re not changing the flow of cows, the movement of the cows, and not every cow needs a shot. It’s only depending on her synchronization or immunization schedules. In a nutshell, that’s how our system works.”

Learn more at pharmrobotics.net

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