Dairy prices rise

Global dairy prices have risen for the first time in two months.
Last night’s Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction price index rose 3.6% to an average price of US$3092/metric tonne.

The all-important whole milk powder price rose 3.2% to US$2985/MT.

Skim milk powder was one of the big gainers; average price rose 8.4% to US$2889/MT.

Key results

AMF index up 2.0%, average price US$3,910/MT

Butter index down 1.4%, average price US$3,282/MT

BMP not offered

Ched index up 7.2%, average price US$3,674/MT

LAC index down 2.7%, average price US$1,277/MT

SMP index up 8.4%, average price US$2,889/MT

SWP index not available, average price not available

WMP index up 3.2%, average price US$2,985/MT

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