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DCB receives grants to help startup farmers


BOTTINEAU, N.D. – The Entrepreneurial Center for Horticulture at Dakota College at Bottineau has received federal aid to help two specific groups of people break into farming.

The center is the recipient of a National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant, totaling more than $40,000. According to faculty, the funds will be used to help beginner Veteran and Native American farmers identify their unique needs to help educate them on profitability and sustainability of starter farms. 

ECH Director Holly Mawby said they partnered with local tribes and veteran groups and can now begin working with them to learn the best ways to teach them.

“We’re going to start by collecting from those groups why being in agriculture is important to them so that we can get the curriculum correct. But the goal then, is to build a brochure or workbook and then also a workshop,” said Mawby.

Mawby said the college will be conducting focus groups with local tribes and veteran programs to begin to build a curriculum.

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