María Sánchez Mainar, DMV, PhD, IDF Science and Standards Programme Manager commented:

Mastitis has major implications for both animal welfare and productivity in cattle farming. This event is an important step in us becoming even better at promoting udder health and minimising antibiotic use on the farm.”

Participants at the DISARM-IDF webinar will learn how monitoring udder health at the farm level can be done by combining sensor readings from all cows in the herd. The webinar will also include information on novel herd level key performance indicators, and how they can be developed to monitor udder health daily, and how disturbances at the group or herd level can be detected more quickly by utilizing sensor-based key performance indicators. Participants will also receive information on sensor sensitivity levels, and how sensor-based key performance indicators may be used to evaluate the effectiveness of dry cow and lactational therapy.

Promoting the responsible use of antibiotics in livestock farming

IDF joined the DISARM project in 2019, to help promote the responsible use of antibiotics in livestock farming by actively identifying, sharing, and disseminating best practices.

IDF advocates prudent and responsible use of antimicrobial agents within the global dairy sector to ensure that they continue to be effective in curing diseases in animals while minimizing the risk of developing AMR. This is an important measure to prevent or reduce the transfer of resistant micro-organisms within animal populations, the environment and between animals and humans.

“Our policy is to promote healthy dairy herds which can produce a safe and nutritious supply of milk for public consumption,” said Caroline Emond, IDF Director-General. “We strongly encourage the sector’s further involvement in the DISARM project, particularly farmers and veterinarians who are interested in improving animal health and reducing antibiotic usage on-farm.”

Other opportunities to participate in the project include volunteering as a case study farm, using the multi-actor farm health team approach, producing videos that show good practices that have improved animal health and reduced antibiotic requirements on-farm, or hosting an event or workshop. These are also a range of opportunities for livestock supply companies to showcase their innovations, research and development or demo farms.

To find out more about DISARM or how to get involved, visit the DISARM websiteor contact info@disarmproject.eu.

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