Veterinarian Dr Salma Sultana from Bangladesh has made it to the Asian Scientist 100 list of Asian Scientist Magazine, for her work surrounding Model Livestock Advancement Foundation. Her efforts were highlighted in the sixth edition of the list recently.

“I just came to know about this achievement today from a peer who works for BBC news. He had shared the link with me on my Facebook profile, and congratulated me,” says Dr Sultana.

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The veterinarian has been working to restore order and harmony in the livestock sector, during the pandemic. “Amidst the panic and struggles, this achievement has brightened my day and restored my hope. My parents always used to refer to me as ‘the greatest scientist’ when I was little. It seems like their words are finally coming true,” she adds.

Every year since 2016, Asian Scientist Magazine compiles a list of Asia’s most outstanding researchers. This year, the list celebrated the success of the region’s best and brightest, highlighting their achievements across a range of scientific disciplines.

To be acknowledged on this list, the honouree must have received a national or international prize in the preceding year for their research. Alternatively, they must have made a significant scientific discovery or provided leadership in academia or industry.

Dr Sultana was also honoured with the 2020 Norman E. Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application by the World Food Prize Foundation for her work with small-scale farmers in Bangladesh, particularly her efforts involving veterinary outreach, treatment, and education, in 2020.

Dr Firdausi Qadri from International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease and Research Bangladesh, and Samia Subrina from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, were also named in the list. 

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