It is hoped that the friendship between our two nations continues to be nurtured

With regional cooperation being one of the fundamental principles the current administration has prioritized in order to ensure sustainable development for the nation, it is encouraging to note that this is being translated to similar commitments from our development partners across the border.

This was recently reflected in the words of Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Vikram Kumar Doraiswami, who has said that trade will potentially be one of the key drivers in furthering the India-Bangladesh friendship in the future.

As the ambassador has rightfully said, this will greatly contribute towards value addition to products and create a bilateral trade landscape that benefits both nations and propels each towards its development goals.

With Bangladesh experiencing growth on a scale that supersedes that of many regional economies, we have the opportunity to provide goods and services to the neighbouring country like never before.

This will lead to further integration of transport systems and other connectivity factors which will greatly boost economic output on both sides, and benefit Bangladesh, as well as India greatly — be they directly part of trade agreements or not.

What is perhaps even more encouraging was the priority shown to the environment, an oftentimes neglected aspect of progress and development, especially in poorer nations such as ours.

Moving forward, in an era in which we have become increasingly aware of the relentlessly detrimental effects of climate change, it is especially important for us to keep the environment and affected eco-systems in mind with every decision we make, no matter how profitable it may seem in the beginning.

It is hoped that the friendship between our two nations continues to be nurtured through actions and commitments taken to create opportunities for development. In an era of accelerated globalization, it has become an absolute necessity that we understand its value and act accordingly.

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