Matuail Landfill emits about four tons of methane gas into the atmosphere every single hour

One of the major drivers of climate change in the world is methane, the impact of which is 80 times greater than that of carbon dioxide, and it is worrisome that Bangladesh has serious sources of methane emission across the country.

In a study conducted by Canadian emission tracking company GHGSat, it was found that Matuail Landfill — about 8km from Dhaka’s Gulistan — emits about four tons of methane gas into the atmosphere every single hour, a ridiculous amount of pollution, equivalent to the emissions of more than 190,000 cars.

If a single landfill in the country is capable of emitting such vast amounts of methane, one can only imagine at the devastating levels of methane being emitted by the nation as a whole.

Thankfully, as a result of the worrying data discovered in the study, a technical committee has been formed by the government, one that has identified six sources of pollution and will attempt to measure the levels of methane emission from each of these sources.

Considering our position as a nation on the forefront in the battle against climate change, such a grave oversight on our part, one that had to be pointed to us by a foreign agency, speaks poorly of our actual commitment to the cause of climate change and its detrimental effects.

What is worse is that the pollution could have been, and can still be, converted to biogas which can then be reutilized in cooking and agriculture.

We commend the government’s formation of the committee, but we hope that this leads to significant pro-active implementations of long-term strategies that finds a solution to the problem.

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