This is not the first time that measures to tackle plastic waste have been proposed

The environmental threat of plastic pollution is hardly news to residents of Bangladesh, and Dhaka in particular. Despite the several measures proposed and undertaken till date, the situation has hardly improved. Instead, over the past 15 years, the capital city has seen a whopping 468 ton increase in plastic pollution.

With previous measures having yielded little to no results so far, it is imperative to now involve the youth in developing innovative and sustainable methods of tackling the scourge of plastic pollution in Bangladesh. The recent Plastic Circularity Innovation Challenge, arranged by the World Bank ventured to do so, and it is encouraging to see the diverse solutions developed by the participating teams.

The winning teams of the competition, which focused on both the recycling of single-use plastics (SUP) and digital solutions, proposed ideas and inventions which ranged from bots to clean up water bodies to addressing poverty and unemployment in the process of mitigating the effects of plastic use and waste. Our congratulations go out to the winners of the competition.

Ziaul Hasan, secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change stated at the event: “It is encouraging to see that our youth are so well plugged into the issue and bringing pragmatic solutions to beat plastic pollution.”

However, while this is all cause for celebration, it warrants cautious optimism. This is not the first time that measures to tackle plastic waste have been proposed. It is high time that these projects and ideas now be implemented in a sustainable manner and at a large enough scale to tackle the widespread nature of the problem.

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