An expert working on Bangladesh’s largest solar power plant project in Mymensingh Courtesy

Bangladesh, after all, is perfect for solar

As a nation of over 162 million people, steadily climbing the economic ladder and moving towards ambitious development goals, our energy needs are enormous. 

However, we also live in bleak times, where climate change threatens the whole world, but countries such as Bangladesh in particular. We must therefore not only move ahead full speed with our development activities, we must also do so in a sustainable and environmentally responsible fashion.

When it comes to generating power, solar power is clean and green, and a much more sensible option than burning fossil fuels. It is wonderful to see, then, that the nation’s largest solar power plant at Mymensingh has been connected to the national grid.This plant’s capacity to generate 73MW of electricity will indeed help the government reach its energy targets in the coming year. 

While the coronavirus pandemic threw a number of our development targets into uncertainty, there is indeed good reason to be optimistic that our growing energy needs will be met in 2021, and that more and more, we will be moving away from sources that emit harmful gases into the atmosphere and towards cleaner sources, like solar and wind.

Bangladesh, after all, is perfect for solar. We experience a high amount of sunlight throughout the year, and harnessing this power bestowed upon us by nature could be a game-changer. Let us hope, then, that the success of the Mymensingh plant is only a fruitful first step in a larger project of investing in solar energy. When it comes to embracing solar, we cannot go wrong.

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