These relationships will play a critical role on our developmental journey

There is no denying that Bangladesh’s journey towards sustainable development will depend greatly on how we create meaningful relationships with our neighbours.

In this regard, it is encouraging to see that the current government has prioritized such long-term thinking, with Bangladesh most recently signing seven MoUs with India, covering various sectors such as energy and agriculture.

This is the latest amongst many such agreements signed by the government, having signed its first preferential trade agreement with Bhutan a few days ago, on the anniversary of Bhutan’s recognition of Bangladesh on December 6, 1971, the first country to do so.

Similarly, Bangladesh’s relationship with India can also be traced throughout history, and it is of the utmost importance that we continue build on our friendship by working together and creating opportunities for mutual benefit.

This most recent MoU will see framework agreements and contribute greatly to areas such as high-impact community development projects and cooperation between various governmental institutions such as our museums and our hydrocarbon and agricultural sectors.

These sectors highlight the multifaceted way in which nations can become partners on our developmental journey — as a developing nation seeking economic growth and the establishment of a more inclusive society for our citizens, we must never shy away from seeking help where necessary and be generous in providing other nations with the help that they might need.

These relationships will play a critical role in our developmental journey and continue to provide dividends far into the future as we inch closer each day to middle-income status. 

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