Energy & Environment Technical Working Group (EETWG): August 2020 – Bangladesh

Planting Assessment Update

Planting Assessment for 2019 Survival Rates

With unrestrictive support from RRRC, Cox’s Bazar North and South Forest Division, Bangladesh Forest Research Institute (BFRI), and Institute of Forestry and Environmental Science, Chittagong University (IFSCU) jointly conducted the Assessment of Plantation 2019 in close coordination with all the agencies and partners in the field, i.e. FAO, IOM, UNHCR, Arannayk Foundation, CNRS, and IUCN. With the support of RRRC, EETWG, and WFP. The IFSCU and BFRI are the two most reliable and reputed institutions in this sector, provided the overall technical support through-out this assessment exercise. The report will be published soon.

Plantation 2020 Update from WFP

WFP and cooperating partner, i.e. CNRS and Shuhilan are doing the gap-filling activity in collaboration with FAO and continuing the care and maintenance activity of the Reforestation sites from the plantation 2018-19 with the minimal number of participants and by strictly ensuring the COVID-19 measures include wearing a mask and physical distancing, etc.

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