Most people unfortunately fail to consume the two recommended servings of fruits a day. Even if your daily midday summer treat consists of your favourite fruit, rarely will that provide you with all the health benefits a balanced fruit intake has to offer. Thankfully, various online merchants are there to bring the world of exotic fruits to your doorstep, erasing monotony from daily servings.

The ‘exotic’ label

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The term ‘exotic’ itself is up for debate amongst most fruit enthusiasts. While many of us would imagine fruits like durians or rambutans as ‘exotic’ due to their pungent smell or extra-terrestrial appearance, the term is often more inclusive than that. According to Taskin Rahman, the founder of The Food Talk, fruits which make their way to shops from other countries during typical Bangladeshi ‘off-seasons’ count as exotic as well.

You can find Australian mangoes online during winter. As soon as the Egyptian season for oranges ends, the one for South Africa begins. Online fruit shops usually play into the variation to supply a high number of common, yet exotic fruits all year round. If your tastebuds crave fruits such as these, you no longer have to spend months waiting.

As Abdullah Nihal Siddique, a fruit wholesaler put it, “There really is no ‘off-season’ for most common fruits anymore. Such markers do not exist at present as the fruits you typically associate with specific seasons are probably being brought in from one hemisphere or the other due to differences in seasonal variations worldwide.”

Then there are fruits which are known to be both exclusive and exotic by those involved in the fruit business. Berries, dragon fruits, rambutan, and stone fruits like peaches, cherries, and apricots constitute this category. These fruits are usually shipped in smaller windows during certain times of the year, and are known to be region specific which helps them earn their ‘exclusive’ label.

From the Land Down Under

AL1F, an online shop based in Australia delivers fruits, meat, and dairy goods to Dhaka. They specialise in avocados, cherries, mangoes, and grapes. One of their big-ticket items are mangoes, sold online during Bangladeshi winters which spans the usual duration of the Australian mango season. Stone fruits such as cherries, apricots, nectarines and peaches are popular on AL1f’s Facebook page too, with cherries taking up the limelight. These stone fruits are also delivered during winter months.

One of the aspects customers love about online shops which sell fruits such as AL1F is their trademark freshness.

“We operate on pre-orders, and usually ship on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on the demand and season. The fruits are shipped off by air the same day they are bought. The produce arrives in Bangladesh the next day, and is promptly delivered. I believe that building strong relationships with customers is crucial, and selling fresh, preservative-free fruits is vital for establishing their trust. I aspire to be a merchant with a strong relationship with customers rather than a mere seller,” remarked Jamil, the CEO of AL1F.

And the Land of Smiles

Thai fruits are also loved by locals. Dragon fruits are almost synonymous with a Bangladeshi’s definition of an exotic fruit, and one of the most popular. Thailand has a lot more to offer besides dragon fruit, be it heavily odorous durians, musky yet sweet longans, or the alien-like rambutan. If you want to get adventurous with your fruit cravings, Fruit BD and Royal Fruitz are your perfect online portals for Thai fruits.

Berries Galore

Most online fruit sellers usually have inclusions of berries in their collection. These tiny powerhouses hold significant amounts of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and fibre. If you are a desert enthusiast, they can make a wonderful addition to your pantry. Blueberries and blackberries, along with the faux members of the family — strawberries, are scrumptious additions to a plethora of sweets and baked goods.

Although exotic fruits can be slightly pricier than local ones, they are the perfect way to incorporate more fruits into your diet. They open up an immense number of options, catering to all types of taste buds while also ensuring freshness. Your body will thank you as well if you add more variety as it will ensure that you get the right mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibre.

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