Panchagarh farmers cultivate foreign vegetables as the varieties gain popularity in the region Dhaka Tribune

Consumers are now getting foreign vegetables at much lower prices than imported ones as farmers are producing them in the region

Farming of foreign vegetables has been gaining popularity among farmers and general people in Panchagarh due to its economic and nutritional value.

Consumers are now getting foreign vegetables at much lower prices than imported ones as farmers are producing them in the region.

On the other hand, farmers are making more profit as foreign vegetables are being sold in the local market at high prices.

People are consuming different popular varieties of foreign vegetables to bring diversity to their dishes, and cultivation of them has gained popularity for this reason.

Due to the growing demand for foreign vegetables farmers in many areas of the district have been cultivating them.

Lettuce, broccoli, capsicums, cherry tomatoes, Chinese cabbages, red cabbages, lemon grass, Thai ginger, Thai leaf, sweet pepper, Naga pepper, asparagus, baby corn and different popular foreign vegetables are being farmed in the district. 

Celery, parsley, squash, kohlrabi, and other foreign vegetables are also being cultivated by different farms and individuals.

Broccoli, a cool-weather crop which is rich in minerals and vitamins, has become popular among urban people.   

Saiful Islam, a vegetable cultivator at Magura village of Tetulia upazila, said he mainly cultivates broccoli, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, celery and parsley due to their huge demand in the capital.

He said he sold his vegetables to wholesalers at Karwan Bazar Kitchen Market. Wholesale price of per piece of broccoli was Tk 20, while price of per piece celery or parsley was Tk 15-20.

This year he cultivated the vegetables on 5 bigha of land. He is expecting profits of Tk 30,000 from this land.

Tetulia Upazila Agriculture Officer Jahangir Alam said farmers are intending to farm many foreign vegetables as they can sell the produce within a short time.

Farmers have also been making profits by producing such vegetables but the government should monitor the cultivation process and allow seeds or plants of foreign vegetables after all types of tests, said a college teacher.

He said seeds of most foreign vegetables are coming to the country through private seed companies and farms. Farmers show eagerness to cultivate new varieties of vegetables. When a seed company or farm introduces new foreign seed or seedling, farmers accept it in the hope of getting profit, the teacher added.

Foreign vegetables have a large market in luxurious hotels and restaurants. Urban consumers are also showing their growing interest in buying foreign vegetables.

The agricultural sector can play a significant role in removing the curse of unemployment. Diversification in crop varieties will add new life to this sector; make it more vibrant and demanding. The authorities concerned should work diligently to ensure policy, technical and financial support to the growers of foreign vegetables, he also said.

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