Fortune Fish Fetches Rs 1.43 Lakh For Odisha Fisherman

Bhadrak: A fisherman from Chandanipal of Dhamra in Bhadrak district on Friday netted a rare species of fish which was sold to a trader in Kolkata at a whooping Rs 1,43,000.

Each kilogram of the rare fish, weighing 22 kilogram, was sold at Rs 6,500, sources said.

As per reports, the exotic fish, commonly called Ghol, is locally known as Teleia. Better known as black-spotted croaker, it is an exotic and expensive variety of marine fish found mostly in Indian and Pacific Oceans along the coast of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

Sources said the fish is usually exported to Singapore, Malaysia and other South-East Asian countries owing to its high medicinal value.

Last year a group of fishermen had caught 10 such rare fishes, weighing over 30 kilograms each in Bhadrak. They had sold the fish to a trader at Chandinipal fishing centre in Dhamra.

According to sources, although this variety of fish hardly keeps any importance for the fisheries department, yet it is the most sought after one for people in the fishing sector. It has got a massive economic value. It is always in high demand. This particular species of fish belongs to ‘Scrombroid Group’ which grows to a large size. A catch of this particular variety of fish has changed the lives of several trawler owners overnight, sources said.

As per sources in the fishermen community, while the Teleia fish is sold around Rs 6,500 per kilogram, the intestinal items are sold at lips’ price.

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