Freelance reporter excited to be back with the Observer

My name is Lisa McCullough. I was born in B.C. but Saskatchewan has always felt more like home to me.

I was raised on a buffalo farm by Cannington Lake. My dad, a strong independent man, taught me how to be who I am today. Some of my hobbies include photography, horseback riding and training, digital art, reading and, of course, writing.

As a child I always enjoyed writing and that passion has never left me. Now as a grown woman and mother of two very strong-willed daughters, I continue to pursue my dreams as a writer not only on my own as an independent novelist but now I also have the opportunity to reach out to the rural communities of my home as a freelance reporter for The Carlyle Observer.

I have worked for the Observer in the past and I am so excited to get the chance to do it again. My goal as a reporter is to reach out, learn and listen to the people in the rural towns and bring their stories to light. Personal interest stories are very near and dear to my heart as so many incredible things happen in our small towns that people may not know about. It is my goal and hope that I can be the voice for those communities while covering the events in our areas as well.

I appreciate this opportunity granted to me and I hope to meet many of the fellow readers over the course of this career. Thank you and I hope you all have a great weekend.

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