‘Good money’ in feeder steers at Blackall


Blackall Combined Agents yarded a total of 2925 head of cattle at the October 1 sale.

Cattle were sourced from Hughenden, Torrens Creek, Blackall, Jericho, Aramac, Muttaburra, Tambo, Stonehenge, Winton, Julia Creek and Cloncurry. A mixed quality yarding of cattle saw very strong competition.

A lot of higher Brahman content weaners and backgrounders were making very good money, along with good runs of feeder steers making 390-400c/kg. The cow job was stronger across the board.

PR&TM Sargood, Rumleigh, Tambo, sold Santa Gertrudis cows for 278.2c weighing 497kg to return $1382/head. They also sold Angus-cross steers for 482.2c weighing 235kg returning $1135.

GJ&JM Bambling, Glenavon, Aramac, sold Brahman cows for 276.2c weighing 480kg returning $1326.

Batt Bros, Eldwick, Stonehenge, sold Brahman-cross cows for 272.2c weighing 482kg to return $1312.

Colin Delahunty, Rockwood, Hughenden, sold Brahman steers for 398.2c weighing 428kg returning $1704.

Blaine Sargood, Rumleigh, Tambo, sold Angus-cross steers for 482.2c weighing 240kg returning $1157.

KS&TL Whiting, Albion Vale, Aramac, sold Brahman-cross steers for 494.2c weighing 207kg to return $1024.

RP&DL Carrington, Anrod, Winton, sold Droughtmaster steers for 484.2c weighing 247kg returning $1195.

Ashley Smith, Strathroy, Hughenden, sold Droughtmaster steers for 464.2c weighing 244kg to return $1133.

KI&JR Middleton, Hughenden, sold Angus-cross steers for 428.2c weighing 275kg returning $1177.

The Maxvale Land Trust, Maxvale, Jundah, sold Santa Gertrudis cows for 278.2c averaging 390kg returning $1085.

Tambo Station Pastoral Co, Tambo Station, Tambo, sold Santa Gertrudis bulls for 315.2c averaging 950kg returning $2994.

Mt Victoria Pastoral Co, Mount Victoria, Longreach, sold Droughtmaster steers for 504.2c weighing 160kg to return $809 and Droughtmaster heifers for 468.2c weighing 157kg to return $736.

Aldingham Family Trust, Aldingham, Winton, sold Angus bulls for 354.2c weighing 372kg to return $1319.

LC&SE Malone, Braeside, Kynuna, sold a Droughtmaster bull for 318.2c weighing 785kg to return $2497 and Droughtmaster cows and calves for $2050/unit.

Lorne Grazing, Lorne, Blackall, sold Droughtmaster cows for 293c weighing 593kg to return $1740.

Paraway Pastoral Co, Malvern Hills, Blackall, sold Charbray heifers for 364.2c weighing 438kg to return $1597.

PJ&JA Bridges, Gilliat Plains, Julia Creek, sold Brahman steers for 416c weighing 241kg to return $1005.

Rivers Edge Enterprises, Valwin, Julia Creek, sold Brahman steers for 366.2c weighing 344kg to return $1260.

T&N Fegan, Milgery, McKinlay, sold Brahman heifers for 416.2c weighing 145kg to return $605 and Brahman mickeys for 448.2c weighing 145kg to return $649.

Mildura Grazing Trust, Mildura, Barcaldine, sold Brahman heifers for 398.2c weighing 167kg to return $666.

Rosemount Grazing, Rosemount, Barcaldine, sold Charolais-cross prime cows to a top of 312.2c weighing 631kg to return $1970. They also sold prime heifers to top at 322.2 weighing 545kg to return $1755.

GR&SJ Marshall, Lissoy, Blackall, sold Santa prime cows to a top of 300.2c weighing 542kg to return $1627. They also sold prime Santa heifers to top at 350.2c weighing 485kg to return $1698.

Fortuna Pastoral Co, Fortuna, Aramac, sold Brahman-cross prime cows to top at 292.2 weighing 511kg to return $1493. They also sold heavy heifers to top at 358.2 weighing 415kg to return $1486.

Ashover Pastoral Co, Barenya, Hughenden, sold Brahman-cross prime cows to a top of 304.2 weighing 471kg to return $1432.

Killarney Park Grazing, Killarney Park, Tambo, sold VGQ Santa steers to a top of 434.2c weighing 327kg to return $1420 Roberts.

Gow and Hopkins, Fermoy, Winton, sold a run of Brahman-cross weaners, with the steers selling to a top of 480.2c weighing 182kg to return $877 and the heifers topping at 374.2c weighing 165kg to return $617.

Bernfels Pastoral Co, Bernfels, Winton, sold a run of Brahman, Charolais and Droughtmaster-cross weaners with the steers selling to a top of 440.2c weighing 279kg to return $1230 and the heifers portion selling to a top of 380.2c weighing 240kg to return $912.

Daintree Livestock, Daintree, Winton, sold a run of HGP treated weaner and feeder steers. The weaner steers topped out at 444.2c weighing 293kg to return $1305 and the heavy steers in the draft sold to 394.2c weighing 503.7kg to return $1985.

AC&K Day, Jaccondoll, Barcaldine, sold a quality line of Charolais-cross steers to top at 400c to average 396.2c to weigh 368kg to return $1462. Their heifers topped at 371.2c weighing 371kg to return $1379.

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