Government is not ending MSP system, says Union minister Narendra Singh Tomar


Defending the recent ordinances brought by the Union government in the form of agricultural reforms, agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Saturday categorically said the system of procuring farm produce at minimum support price (MSP) will continue.

Addressing the BJP’s virtual rally through videoconferencing, Tomar said the Congress party in Punjab was misguiding the people by telling them that the new reforms meant the end of the MSP system.

“This is a bundle of lies. No such move has been taken. MSP thi, hai aur rahegi,” asserted Tomar.

Claiming that new reforms will prove to be a game changer for farmers, the Union agriculture minister said the reforms will level the playing field for farmers.

“These reforms allow farmers to sell their produce wherever they want. Earlier, farmers were compelled to sell their crop at state government facilities to licence-holding players. Under this process, farmers were being duped as they were not getting a fair price for their produce. If the manufacturer of a pen is allowed to sell his product wherever he or she wants, why should farmers not be allowed to sell their produce wherever they choose?” said Tomar.


Now a farmer from Bathinda can sell his produce in Kolkata as farmers can move inter-state without paying tax, Tomar said.

The Union minister said farmers will always have the option to sell their produce at the state government’s markets. “But outside these mandis, farmers will not be taxed,” said the minister.

The reforms have been brought to increase private investment in the agriculture sector so as to make farming a more lucrative business, he said.

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