Growing Stronger Every Day: The future of calf rearing


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‘Growing Strong Every Day’ is a video series from specialist animal nutrition business, MaxCare, aimed at helping to build stronger rural communities. Join us on this journey as we look at ways to improve the wellbeing of our calves as well as the mental wellbeing of our farming community.

In this latest episode, the fourth in the series, we speak with Dr Sarah Bolton about the future of calf rearing. We discuss topics like the challenges of calf rearing practices, animal welfare and the right to farm.

Veterinarian Dr Sarah Bolton has a passion for calves and dairy cattle, and has spent time managing a dairy farm.

She graduated from Melbourne University Vet School in 2012 and is currently participating in the university’s Dairy Residency program. As well, she recently completed the Nuffield Scholarship looking at how bull calves are managed.

“With rearing calves comes great responsibility and there are still a number of challenges that farmers face at either a farm, industry or even at a global level. We need to think about how we best meet these challenges,” she says.

“On farms we need to think about health and production ensuring we are rearing calves with low levels of disease, who exhibit great levels of health and grow up to be animals that fulfill their full potential.”

MaxCare Business Manager Tom Newton said Australia’s farmers continue to face challenging conditions and as an industry and community we need to rally together to support them and help build stronger rural communities.

“Here at MaxCare, we’re aware of the challenges and unpredictability of life on the land. Mental illness in the bush can be hard to detect, tough exteriors built by the harsh landscape we owe our livelihoods to, and the signature attitude of ‘she’ll be right’ can sometimes get us into to strife,” he said.

“MaxCare is there every step of the way. We’re here to support our customers through the good times and more importantly in the challenging times. With this video series we want to help remove the stigma around mental health and help our farmers address the challenges.”

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This is sponsored content for MaxCare.

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