Three alleged cattle smugglers were attacked by a Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sundarbans on Friday. Only one survived the attack

“Indian fishermen saved my life.” Abu Musa, the sole survivor of the tiger attack in Sundarbans on Friday, narrated his story to Dhaka Tribune on Sunday describing his ordeal.

Abu Musa, 41, survived the tiger attack and was rescued by local villagers while the other two – Ratan and Mizanur Rahman – were killed by the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Musa, 41, of West Kaikhali village under Kaikhali union of Satkhira’s Shyamnagar upazila, said that a smuggling ring – promising a huge sum – sent him along with Ratan, 42, of the same area and brother-in-law, Mizanur, 40, of the same village to bring cows from India through the deep mangrove forest of Sundarbans.

They followed the river by boat through the dense forest. At night, they slept on the boat on Satjheel Khal, tying the boat near the forest.

While fishing for crabs in the morning, a tiger jumped on the boat. Of the three, the tiger targeted Mizan, recalled Musa.

Abu Musa | Courtesy

At that time, Ratan attacked the tiger to save Mizan. The tiger then dropped Mizan and attacked and killed Ratan on the spot.

The tiger went back to Mizan, caught him, and then dragged him into the forest. When the tiger jumped on the boat, Musa jumped into the river and saved his life by sticking out his nose by the boat.

He then untied the boat and fled from the scene.

At one point, the boat is out in the river again but Musa lost his sense of direction.  

At one point, a mobile phone on the boat suddenly rang, Musa informed his family about the incident using that phone.

“Since then, I lost all connection and was not able to speak as there were no mobile network towers nearby”, Musa said.

Abu Musa added: “The fishermen from the Indian side of the border spotted me and rescued me, and sheltered me in one of their houses.”

“Then with their help I returned to the country through a place called Bakchar on the border,” he added.

On Sunday morning, Musa’s family rescued him.

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After returning home, Abu Musa began to behave somewhat abnormally, his family claimed. After receiving medical attention, he gradually became normal and reported the entire incident.

Abu Musa also added that this was the first time he was tempted to smuggle cows from India. He said he was in a financial crisis due to staying at home for a long time, due to the pandemic.

Mamun, Azizul, Sohrab and some others from the same area allegedly sent him to smuggle the cattle. His brother-in-law Mizanur and Ratan were also involved in this cycle.

Meanwhile, hearing the news of Musa’s return, locals gathered in his house to hear his story.

Members of the Satkhira Nildumur BGB camp interrogated Abu Musa on Sunday afternoon. Sources said that Musa repeated the same thing during interrogation.

Meanwhile, MA Hasan, assistant forest ranger of Satkhira Range in the western Sundarbans, said that Musa had been hiding his mobile phone since the incident. He is pretending to confuse the administration.

“According to local news, Musa was not in India, he was hiding in the country”, he added.

Three people have been allegedly missing from the Sundarbans since Thursday afternoon.

According to multiple sources, although the three missing persons were said to be fishermen in previous news articles, they were allegedly smugglers.

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