Not merely two third of India (the farmers who are fully or partly dependent on farm income and who have been committing suicides in hundreds of thousand due to non-remunerative prices of farm produce) is agitating mainly for ‘Legally Enforceable Minimum Support Price’ for farm produce but overall on economic, diplomatic and Corona fronts India has failed miserably. Many prominent journalists & political commentators on TV channels have even started talking / discussing about another break-up of India if the situation doesn’t improve quickly without further delay. In view of spectacular economic and related progress by border sharing authoritarian China, it is merely a matter of time that a debate starts in India that democratic system has failed in India hence India should also go for some form of authoritarian political system, like Chinese. Such variant of Chinese model in India is very easy and practical (though not desirable) as given below:-

(1)- If some people are thinking that by replacing BJP etc  with Congress etc the economic situation will improve in India then they are hoping against hopes. These farmers were committing suicide during Congress rule too and economically humble Indians (mostly from socially inferior classes) were not getting any attention worth the name during Congress rule. India is suffering from two malaises which Congress is also guilty of not curing, namely:-

(i)- Democracy needs the morals of the people higher than of State then only they can run the democracy but majority of Indians are given reservation in government services etc with demoralizing tag (of oppressed and backward castes of Hindu order) hence unless reservation with demoralizing tag is removed, India has no political future in democracy. Hindu India will not do so because (reservation castes are in majority and they will not allow abolition of reservation) hence reservation to any identifiable group can be there but Hindus will not do this also because Hinduism is based on hierarchy, moreover it will require reservation to Muslims too, which Hindu India will never accept.

(ii)- Every developing economy works in its native language (even China with baffling script). About two thirds of India uses Devanagari Hindi or variant of Hindi like Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali etc (even Urdu uses syntax of Hindi and South India uses Devanagari script Sanskrit in its religion) but India is not working (in science technology, allopathic medicine etc) in Hindi. Hence unless India uses Hindi as its working language, it has no future economically. 

(2)- But now the time has gone and due to (i)-  Economic failure of India which was also due to boisterous & at times irresponsible democracy in India which did not allow land acquisition, labor-law-reforms etc in the interest of economic progress and tolerated frequent disruptive demonstrations on streets. This economic failure has now been exacerbated by Corona and (ii)- Caste culture of Hindu India where Brahmins will never accept an egalitarian society. Hence it will be a miracle if India does not adopt Chinese democracy by replacing ‘Communist Party of China’ (CPC) with ‘Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’ (RSS) and declaring India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

(3)- There is a historical reason for such ‘Hindu Rashtra’. The RSS is run by Maharashtrian Brahmins who are not like Brahmins of rest of India (who are supposed to be non-violent and depended mostly on offerings etc for livelihood). Marathas (after Shivaji in 17th & 18th century) conquered most of India and reached at the gate of Afghanistan. This conquest was spectacular under the leadership of Peshwa (a Maharashtrian Brahmin Baji Rao I). But warrior class including Marathas became restive under Peshwas (de-facto rulers) and they not only carved out separate kingdoms (like Scindias in Gwalior, Holkars in Indore, Gaikwads in Baroda etc)  but other Hindu Kings did not support Peshwas / Marathas in third Battle of Panipat in 1761 [because of Chauth vasuli (extracting one fourth of crop from their kingdoms) and other extractions by Marathas] hence Marathas were defeated squarely by Ahmadshah Abdali from Afghanistan in Panipat III with the support of Muslim rulers of India. Marathas recovered fast from Panipat III but then removed from power by Britishers completely in 1818 through three Anglo-Maratha wars born out of controversial succession of Peshwas.

(4)-  Hindutva forces / RSS has always talked about ‘Akhand Bharat’  (united India, comprising present India, Pakistan and Bangladesh if not Afghanistan which India considers it as part of Greater India because Afghanistan was under Bauddh influence as is evident by demolition of Bamiyan Buddha idols by Taliban in 2001. China can easily help RSS in achieving ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in two following ways if RSS adopts Chinese model (by replacing CPC with RSS). (i)- China will keep RSS under check & control so that RSS does not alienate other sections of India (as Peshwas did which alienated the warrior class of Marathas and other Hindus) and this will make ‘Hindu Rashtra’ viable & successful and (ii)- ‘Authoritarian Chinese democracy’ will defeat ‘liberal Wester democracy’ without doing anything more than supporting authoritarian (of various forms) regimes in most of the countries of the world. Hence China will help RSS in assimilating Pakistan & Bangladesh in India to realize ‘Akhand Bharat’ (pre-partition united-India) because China can never be happy with theocratic Pakistan & Bangladesh as neither military nor Islam has been able to bring these nations under domineering control. Whereas RSS can easily do it for the simple reason that in Hinduism the ‘Kshatriyas’ (warrior class) are supposed to and submit to Brahmins and this will give China an unwavering influence on the entire ‘Akhand Bharat’ through RSS.

(5)- The overwhelming majority of countries are either not making economic progress satisfactorily or / and are incapable of adopting / working secular democracy hence are vulnerable to Chinese influence. If the USA wants ‘liberal Western democracy’ to succeed then it will have to go for about 20 amalgamations of about 10 countries each led by potentially capable countries first like FSD-UK & India (precursor to FSD-UK & SAARC Countries with about 25 % of world population) for a new world order (with or without UN), under the ultimate leadership of  the USA, with teeth in favor of ‘liberal Western secular democracy’. as mentioned at – or . In democracy people don’t rule directly but always through political parties and the UK has the motivation because UK based political parties can easily rule FSD-UK & India given the present situation where existing political parties in India do not inspire hope & confidence in the Indians,

(6)- The establishment and leadership of the USA are anything but certainly not naïve and they also know this danger of Chinese democracy. But the problem with the USA is that history has given the leadership to propagate ‘liberal Western democracy’ all over the world to the USA but the USA itself is not that imbibed in Western values. For the simple reason that though in the USA  (dominant white Americans) are from Europe (where free mind came into existence by rebelling / overthrowing two authorities of religion & military power by adopting secular democracy with rule of law) but that does not make the USA an Europe (for example there are almost 5 million Asian Indians in the USA but even if they live closely it will not make them India).

(7)- The commitment of the USA to ‘secular democracy with rule of law and sanctity of capital’ is skin deep which is evident from (i)- USA is supporting theocracy in Israel which has done ethnic cleansing by forcefully expelling the Palestinians from their native land (ii)- Slavery was abolished in Europe and even in Caribbean countries without civil war but USA killed in tens of thousand (majority from South), many more injured and huge loss properties in order to abolish slavery through US-civil war of 1861 (iii)- The USA is not adopting ‘voting in person by ballot papers and counting by hand without machines’ which has made almost half of the USA skeptical about US elections 2020 (iv)- Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are roaming freely in the USA snatching jobs etc of legal residents of the USA, which has made a mockery of rule-of-law in the USA (v)- The USA (though itself using State-capital by way of fiscal deficit including by printing currency as is being suggested by Prez Biden for financing his budget proposal of $ 6 trillion) does not honor the sanctity of State capital of other countries and is propagating merely exclusive private-capitalism as is evident from the fact that the USA (the leader of free world and sponsor of the UN) despite ‘UN Convention against corruption’ is not doing any thing to constrain India to recover about Rs 1,000 Trillion of Income tax from about 1 million fake farmers though this huge State-capital can improve the economic fortunes of largest secular democracy, India as is mentioned at and

(8)- Whether CIVILIZATIONALLY the USA will imbibe the ‘Greco-Roman-Christian’ values in the interest of making ‘liberal Western democracy’ successful against ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’-  will be watched with holden breath at least by the entire Indian subcontinent. Because the free mind is the sine-qua-non for the progress of modern science & technology (which has made mankind so powerful & prosperous, even human rights friendly) hence the people of Indian subcontinent will also like to see the ‘liberal Wester democracy’ succeed in their region.

If some people think that why will India adopt a medieval ideology of ‘authoritarian Hindu Rashtra’ instead of modern ‘secular democratic State’ then they don’t know anything about the hubris of Hinduism. Hindus consider themselves as ‘Vishwa Guru’ (teacher of the world) hence ‘Hindu Rashtra’ for them is perennially relevant concept to even the modern world and is in consonance with their megalomania. It is a Chinese curse that – ‘May you live in interesting times’. We are certainly living in interesting times.  

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