India wants healthy relations with Bangladesh: Envoy Doraiswami

Speaking with reporters after inspecting the LCS and international border in Belonia, Doraiswami said that India and particularly Tripura has the goodwill for good relations with Bangladesh.

“The more we cooperate, the better it is for the ordinary people, meaning basic things including availability of food products like fish, simplification of trade, ease of communication, people to people ties, simpler transport all these are in everybody’s interest”, Doraiswami said.

He also said that if this happens, there would be more business for Bangladeshi businessmen and cheaper price of goods and services for India.

“Because of the history, there is a lot of goodwill for Tripura with Bangladesh and there is strong desire in Tripura for strong cooperation with Bangladesh. Tripura is the gateway to the northeast for Bangladesh with benefit from Tripura’s approach to looking for friendly ties with Bangladesh,” Doraiswami added.

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