While the scorching sun is delivering its unbearable gift, people seem to pay no heed to the heatwave as there are bigger fish to fry: the price of watermelons.

The fruit recently broke earlier price hike records held by onion, beef and rice. For the first time in the history of watermelons, the fruit was not being sold per unit, but instead was being sold by kilogrammes. People, the majority of whom do not work hard enough to earn six digits, soon found that watermelons were no longer an affordable option to beat the heat.

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But whether people can afford something or not has never been an issue when it comes to making a purchase in a world driven by capital ambitions. Capitalising on this, Iphone, the world’s greatest marketing trick, has pulled another ace from its sleeve. The new Iphone 13w will come with one huge watermelon for an unspecified additional cost.

For those who want to flex, but cannot really afford to, Iphone will also be offering older models of their phone in exchange for a watermelon (terms and conditions apply). 

Talking to an iPhone seller and a potential watermelon buyer about the present condition, he said, “Yesterday, I sold my wife’s iPhone 5s, but couldn’t afford to buy a watermelon with that money. So, today, I came to sell my iPhone 12s, the selling price of which, I hope, will be enough to buy a watermelon, the fruit Bangladesh has been hankering after!” he exclaimed.

That an old model of iPhone isn’t enough to buy a watermelon may stun most people, but Bangladeshis understand that artificial inflation is nothing new. Celebrities, however, disconnected with the world as always, have found a new cause to stand for while nothing new of note happens. “What does it mean? Has the watermelon become the fruit of rich people? What will those people eat who don’t have an iPhone 12s to sell?” one celebrity said without adding anything else to the conversation.

The rise in price of watermelon has also stirred heavy emotions in the country’s people.  A customer was found weeping in front of a fruit shop. “My family forced me to buy a watermelon that they have been dreaming of to eat. I didn’t have an iPhone. So, I had to take loan from a bank. But, that money was not enough to buy the most wanted fruit. As the loan continued, interest was going up. I took another loan and finally bought a watermelon. We ate it and went bankrupt. That’s a fruitful bankruptcy, least I could say with a smiling face,” he said, smiling through his tears.

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