Jashore fish farmers call for ban on fish import from India

Due to coronavirus restrictions, no fish was exported from Bangladesh in April-June. Over 200,000 kg fish was exported in July. The value of which is $518,000. On the other hand 2.04 million kg fish worth $1.47 million was imported in June and July.

In August, over 300,000 kg of fish was exported, worth $772,000. In the same month, 1.69 million kg fish worth $1.2 million was imported from India.

Sharsha upazila fisheries officer Abul Hasan said rui, katla, sea fish and freshwater fish were imported from India. On the other hand, pabda, gulsha, tengra, pangas, frozen shrimps, carp, Bhetki and other fish are exported from Bangladesh.

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