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Kazakhstan plans to launch 380 investment projects worth five trillion tenge (US$11.6 billion) in the next five years. Their implementation will make it possible to form seven ecosystems for such groups of food products as meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, sugar, grains, oilseeds and dairy products. The saturation of the country’s market with domestic food products was discussed at a government meeting. The session participants said that Kazakhstan provides itself with 23 of 29 basic consumed foodstuffs. So far, the country has to import meat, fish, sausages, apples, cheese and sugar. The authorities promise to increase the production of these food items in the coming years. By 2024, it is planned to open new poultry factories, meat processing plants, dairy and sugar factories and increase the area of apple orchards.

“According to the forecasts of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Kazakhstan is considered a country with great potential in the agro-industrial complex. Our country has a real opportunity to become one of the world’s food hubs. The government therefore intends to continue to place great emphasis on the development of the agro-industrial complex in order to address this important task,” said Askar Mamin, Kazakh Prime Minister.


Photo: primeminister.kz

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