Marteye reported ‘phenomenal interest’ in Ireland’s first buffalo sale

The Marteye online auction company said there was “phenomenal interest” in Ireland’s first buffalo sale, in the Mid Tipperary Co-operative Livestock Mart in Thurles last Wednesday.

Five lots of young male animals were sold.

The top price was bid for a five-month-old bull, the first lot to be sold. Bidding, which was mostly on-line, started at €400, and finished at €1,140.

A similar bull followed, making €1,120.

A seven-month pair of 207kg then sold for €840 each.

The remaining two lots were buffalo bullocks, with a 285kg pair of ten to 11 months old selling for €760, and a nine to ten months old pair of 247kg selling for €600.

There are already a few farms with water buffalo in Ireland (at least two in Co Cork and one in Co Wexford) and many farms in the UK have taken on water buffalo.

Cheese, beef and soap are among the end-products from buffalo herds.

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