Navaron-Satkhira rail line in the making

The rail line will be constructed within 2024

Over 2 million people live in the south-western district Satkhira which is cut off from rail communication. Road is the only way of travelling to different places from the district.

The district is becoming economically important due to the Sundarbans, shrimp business and India-Bangladesh export-import activities. As a result, the only roadway has become the busiest way as a means of communication.

In order to expand the country’s communications system with the Sundarbans and Satkhira, the government is planning to construct a 98.42kilometre rail line from Navaron in Jessore to Munshiganj in Shyamnagar upazila of Satkhira.

To this end, the government has sought a loan from China for the implementation of this project.

Under the ‘Construction of New BG Track From Navaron to Satkhira’ project, a loan of Tk1,329.79 crore is expected from China. 

The total cost of the project has been estimated at Tk1,662.24 crore. Of this, government funding is Tk332.44 crore. The rail line will be constructed within 2024. 

It is being included in the list of new projects without allocation in the annual development programme for the fiscal year 2020-21. The total length of the railway from Navaron to Munshiganj garage is 98.42km

There will be eight stations from Navaron to Munshiganj. These will be at Navaron, Bagachra, Kalaroa, Satkhira, Parulia, Kaliganj, Shyamnagar, and Munshiganj. The distance from Navaron to Bagachra station will be 12.4km, from Bagachra to Kalaroa 12.68km, from Kalaroa to Satkhira 14.23km, from Satkhira to Parulia 15.11km, from Parulia to Kaliganj 18.37km, from Kaliganj to Shyamnagar 13.82km, and from Shyamnagar from Munshiganj station 11.81km.

According to railway sources, once the project is completed, one can go to the Munshiganj point, and after crossing a river from the point, one can reach Sundabans easily. 

ANM Azizul Haque, joint chief of the Ministry of Railways, said the project has been undertaken to strengthen the country’s communications system with the Sundarbans. One the rail line is completed from Navaron to Munshiganj via Satkhira, the area will be economically strong.

“We are currently looking for development partners including China for the project. Whoever matches with our expectations will be taken as the development partner for this project,” he added.

The rail line will go over Bakal, Labonnoboti, Sapmara Khal(canal) and Kakshiali River.

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