Forest and conservation officials hold the 60-year-old ‘near threatened’ Himalayan Griffon vulture after rescuing it from Phulpur upazila in Mymensingh on Sunday, February 7, 2021 Collected

Of the two vultures rescued, one is around 60-year-old, according to forest officials  

Forest and conservation officials have rescued two migratory vultures, which are categorized as “near threatened” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, in the span of seven days in Mymensingh.

The birds, of a species called Himalayan Griffon vulture, were rescued from the division’s Phulpur and Jamalpur upazilas.

Locals found the 60-year-old vulture in a weak state at the bank of Kongsho River in Thakurbakai area on Sunday, confirmed Phulpur UNO Sitesh Chandra Sarker to Dhaka Tribune.

“After being informed, I contacted the local scout group who then rescued it. Then the vulture was handed over to the Forest Department in the afternoon,” UNO Sitesh added.

The endangered bird, weighing 5kg, was primarily treated at the upazila veterinary facility and then was handed over to the Wildlife Management Nature and Conservation Department (WMNCD) (Sherpur Sadar Range) and it is undergoing treatment there.

Contacted, Md Abdullah Al Amin of WMNCD, said: “The vulture is around 60 years old. Each of its wings are over two feet long. It has become weak due to malnutrition.

“It is to be noted that Himalayan vultures live in hilly areas and usually visit the bordering areas of Bangladesh during the winter season. It [the rescued vulture] might have fallen behind its flock due to weakness and old-age.”

Meanwhile, another vulture of the same species was rescued from Jamalpur last week. “The vulture rescued from Jamalpur is also being treated at the same hospital,” added the WMNCD official.

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