New animal insights software backs farmers’ net zero goal

New software has launched allowing farmers a look at over 40 different animal traits, providing the most comprehensive set of interactive dashboards available.

The farm management software, developed by AgriWebb, aims to help farmers understand patterns and trends in their activities and livestock in order to identify over or under performers.

The software helps to answer farmers’ questions ranging from which vendor rears the best sheep, to which of the cattle tend to grow and finish the fastest.

Finding these common traits in animals that farmers purchase or breed will help improve and replicate herd or flock performance.

Using, for example, the projected weight gain tool will allow beef farmers to finish their cattle weeks or months earlier, not only boosting their bottom line but reducing emissions.

As cited by the NFU, by focusing on productivity and the physical performance of the business farmers can also reduce their carbon footprint.

For example, by selecting to increase cattle lifetime growth rate by + 5% farmers can save up to 0.3kg/CO2 per kg of meat produced.

Or by improving by achieving +0.1 lamb per ewe a year producers could reduce their carbon footprint by 0.74kg/CO2 per kg of meat produced.

Commenting at the launch of the software, the NFU highlighted that now is the right time for farmers to review the latest cost-effective tools available.

Philip Hambling, NFU Head of Food and Farming said farmers were facing the ‘perfect storm’ of a recession, the Covid-19 risk and restrictions and a looming international trade headache.

“Controlling everything you can on farm – particularly through acting on insights from your data – is a must,” he said.

John Royle, NFU Chief Livestock Adviser said farm management technology had come into an ‘exciting new age’ in the past 12 months with fresh players emerging.

“Not only are technologies that help you to build your business getting better and better, there is a growing supply chain requirement,” he added.

“Customers are asking for more information about their meat, and increasingly, the environmental sustainability of production.

“Tracking the heritage, feed and treatments of animals over their lifetime is imperative in proving the responsibility taken in rearing British produce and in pursuit of improved efficiency.”

The NFU’s recent assessment of the top five areas of productivity highlighted the opportunity for farmers to use technology

It recommended collecting key farm management data to report on, conducting farm carbon audits, and tracking better health and genetics.

AgriWebb is the world’s leading farm management software, leveraging data to increase on-farm productivity, traceability and sustainability.

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