We have sighted some photos of the young Nigerian farmer who grows crops in the air.

He is identified as Samuel Ogbole and he does his farming business with an uncommon and mind-blowing technique.

The photos were shared in a recent tweet by @NigeriaStories and we could see from the photos that the crops actually growing in the air which is in contrast to the traditional farming practices we know.

The photos were shared with the caption;

“Meet Samson Ogbole the Nigerian farmer who grows crops in the air!! He is doing this using Aeroponics a process of growing plants in the air without the use of soil. Here are some food items from his farm.”

Read some reactions from Nigerian below;

@Akintola_Debora – Let us imbibe the culture of research when we see/hear new things.
A quick Google search would answer a lot of our questions.
By the way, it isn’t dryland agriculture or suspended soil.
I would do a myth busting thread on Soilless farming before the weekend, feel free to follow.

@SimplyKaka – This isn’t aeroponics now. There’s soil there.
You can say greenhouse farming

@ObinnaChukwukad – Southern Nigeria needs this initiative to grow crops.
This will help in crashing the price and avoiding future food blockades from the North.

@bamiroken – He uses hydroponics and Aeroponics.
Hydroponics: Growing of plant in a controlled medium(water) at the absence of Soil.
Aeroponics: Growing of some selected plants in a controlled misty environment

@AdohDuke – Some people who studied agricultural science and it’s related discipline dey only speak English of the subject matter without knowledge of how to make it happen. That’s how Nigerians are trained in school.

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