Nilphamari vegetable traders in shrouds demo in front of municipality office


Hundreds of traders, in shrouds, hold placards during a protest in front of the Saidpur municipality office in Nilphamari on Thursday, June 11, 2020 Dhaka Tribune

Protesters say they were charged extra rent at the new marketplace which has been a heavy burden on everyone and their families

Wholesale vegetable traders in Nilphamari picked an unusual choice of clothing when they decided to surround the municipality office in Saidpur demanding their old marketplace back.

Hundreds of traders, in shrouds, emulating dead people participated in the protest on Thursday and submitted a memorandum to Amjad Hossain Sarkar, the municipality mayor in this regard.

Protesters said the kitchen market in Naya Bazar was established 25 years ago and it has been serving as the biggest wholesale market for vegetables in the district ever since.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the district administration temporarily relocated the market two kilometres off the city to a privately owned land near the bypass road for social distancing purposes.

There were conditions to ease the transition, such as the market would return to the original place once the coronavirus situation went back to normal and that the rent for the new place would be waived for all traders.

However, protesters allege that in reality they were charged extra rent for conducting business there and with slow business during the past few months of the pandemic, the rent has been a heavy burden on everyone and their families.

So now that the lockdown has been lifted they wish to return to Naya Bazar.

In this regard, Saidpur Municipality Mayor Amjad Hossain Sarkar said: “I will talk to the administration about everything that is written in the memorandum.” 

After receiving assurances from the mayor, the protesting traders withdrew from their program.

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