A mango orchard in Cumilla has seen the introduction of three new variety of mangoes in the country.

The mangoes were found at Euro-Bangla Agro Farm, owned by Mohammed Bahadour, an Italian expatriate in Myra village under Langalcourt in Cumilla.

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He planted the mango trees three years back and some of them have borne fruits now.

Among the three new species, Kensington Pride mango is the most famous in the world especially in Europe. The other two are Glenn Mango and Osteen Mango.

Bahadour went to Italy in 2004. He has been working different cities of Italy for the last 17 years and came across several fruit orchards. He later bought some of these mango trees to the country, said the Italy expatriate Bahadour.

He contacted high level agriculturists in the country and took their suggestions. After talking with the experts, he brought these trees to Bangladesh.

Till today, he brought nine world popular species of mango trees from Italy, Australia and Spain to Bangladesh, 204 species of citrus, 157 species of figs, 24 species of persimmons and several new species of plums.

He has started cultivating all these fruits in a commercial orchard in Naogaon’s Sapahar and Euro-Bangla Agro Farm at his own village.

Whenever he heard that any Bangladeshi from Italy is returning, he would give them those trees to take to Bangladesh.

Asked if international norms have been followed in bringing new species of trees to the country, Bahadour said the saplings were collected and mixed with anti-bacterial water and sent to the country after purification.

Contacted, Dr Md Mehedi Masood, director of Year-Round Fruit Production for Nutrition Improvement, said, Bahadour has done good for the country.

“I know him personally. He brought several species of fruit trees to Bangladesh from aboard,” he added.  

Mentioning that the contribution of Bahadour in the country’s agriculture is remarkable, the official said Bahadour has done the work that was meant to be done by researchers and agriculturists of the country.

These new species of fruit trees should be expanded through various experiments in different horticulture centers, added Mehedi.

While talking about Kensington Pride mango, Mehedi said this mango is also known as KP and Australia exports this mango all over the world.

The agriculturist said that he had brought this mango species from Australia first in 2018. Bahadour brought this species in 2019.

Asked about the nutritional value and commercial potential of these new species of mangoes, Mehedi said, “These mangoes have good nutritional value and can be exported abroad.”

Farmers will be benefited highly if commercial gardens are established after conducting tests, he added. 

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