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The latest episode of The Plant Based News Podcast features vegan agricultural economist Rashmit Arora, who is part of the vital Transfarmation project. The project is run by the animal protection charity Mercy For Animals and helps farmers transition to growing plant-based crops. Thus, revolutionizing the current system which, he says ‘exploits anything in its path’.

Rashmit discusses growing up in India, where the dairy industry is still dominated by small farmers. Attitudes towards farmers need to change – and it’s all tied up in privilege, he explains.

What is Transfarmation?

Transfarmation is a project which aids farmers and helps switch the supply chain: ‘Supply follows demand’, says Rashmit.

On the podcast, he explained how three farmers were in the process of switching to farming hemp and mushrooms. This can be achieved over time. One farmer has converted one of his multiple barns previously used to house chickens, into a mushroom farm whilst he learns the basics.

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