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We all dream want to be the best friend of Pierre Lescure. Cultivated, funny, benevolent, this brilliant television man cultivates this good nature every night of the week on the set of C à vous, where he officiates as a columnist. This movie madman passes the talk show guests on the grill, which he strives to highlight. But it happens that some artists, come to promote their latest project, are not in the best shape of their lives. Therefore, the current president of the Cannes Film Festival leaves the oars to release an interesting sentence from his interview. And in the best role of the least pleasant guest to interview, her number one nominee is James McCartney, Paul’s son. Invited in the RTL program On remake the TV on Saturday September 5, Pierre Lescure recounted the backstage of this meeting, which he does not really remember well.

A lunar moment with Paul McCartney

“He’s got plenty of extenuating circumstances, but the craziest character I’ve known in my life is McCartney’s son James,” Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s sidekick confessed, then detailing the background of this interview. “He arrived with a beanie when it wasn’t winter (but why not?), He sat down, he had his eyelids down, he didn’t look at me from the interview, I must have talked six or seven minutes with him and he was only saying ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘don’t think so’. That was it. At the end, he looked up and told me. says ‘Thanks, good job’ “. A lunar moment like the journalist has lived little in fifty years of career. It is perhaps this experience which allows him to find extenuating circumstances to the offspring of the singer of the Beatles. “I think he has a real problem assuming himself as a son of McCartney, so a real problem of communication with others,” he emphasizes. To find traces of a Pierre Lescure cow farm in the press, we will come back.

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