PM asks to avoid unnecessary road construction to protect arable land, free movement of water

Referring to the approval of upgrading Digpait-Sarishabari-Tarakandi road in Jamalpur district into due standard and width with Tk 376.56 crore, the planning minister said prime minister Sheikh Hasina has asked the authorities concerned to think very carefully before undertaking any road construction project.

The prime minister noted that the government has to consider the maintenance capacity of roads alongside constructing those, he said.

Mannan said the prime minister gave directives to the authorities concerned to avoid unnecessary road construction, safeguarding arable land and establishments as much as possible while constructing roads. Besides, roads also obstruct free movement of water.

While giving approval to the Construction of 73 Composite/Modern Border Observation Post (BOP) of BGB at the bordering areas with Tk 233.52 crore, the prime minister said it is very important to ensure safety and comfort of the BGB members.

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